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Frequently Asked Questions
What do we see on these tours?
Fuggedaboutit! We see it all, including the Verrazano bridge, upper New York bay, One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower), Empire State building, Statue of Liberty, and more!
Is Azzurra City Tours safe?
Your safety is our top priority. Your captain is a FAA certified commercial pilot, highly experienced in the NYC airspace, and Azzurra, our Piper Cherokee aircraft, is regularly maintained to meet and exceed strict FAA regulatory standards.
Are there weight restrictions?
Yes. Due to weight and balance-related restrictions, your flight party's total weight should not exceed 450 lbs.
What should I bring?
A valid photo ID, camera, and your favorite playlist.
What should I wear?
It's simple. Dress for the season. Be comfortable!
How does seating work?
(Oprah voice) You get a window seat! You get a window seat! Everyone gets a window seat in our 3-seater airplane.
How do I get to the Hangar?
Oh, that's easy! Just type "Azzurra City Tours" in your favorite navigation app. We are located in Linden Airport, New Jersey. For mass transit, take the NJ Transit Northeast Corridor towards Trenton, exiting at Linden (5 stops from NY Penn Station), then take a taxi to the hangar. Once you arrive, just give us a call or text and we will be right out to greet you! OR just click here.
What time should I arrive?
We require all passengers to arrive an 45 minutes prior to their scheduled flight for critical onboarding and safety briefings.
What if I'm running late?
Contact us as soon as possible. Due to our onboarding policy, if you are not at the hangar within 30 minutes of your scheduled departure time, you will have to reschedule and pay a $100 fee. For example, if your scheduled departure is at 3pm, the cutoff time to be in the hangar is 2:30pm.
What do you do if there is bad weather?
We take your safety seriously. So, while mother nature can be unexpectedly feisty, we'll gladly reschedule your tour due to inclement weather — at no additional cost. (Ex: rain, low cloud layer, high winds, etc)
Can I park at the Hangar?
Absolutely! Tons of free parking on site (in your face Newark airport!).
How is flight time calculated?
Clock starts ticking at takeoff, but dont worry! We're not stingy ;-).
Do you fly in the winter time?
Yes, we fly all year around. Weather permitting.
Do you offer refunds?
Refunds are a no-no. We have a very strict no refund policy, however we will work with you to rebook.